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Twitter reportedly developing Instagram-style photo filters for its mobile apps

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Twitter Instagram
Twitter Instagram

Twitter is planning to introduce a set of Instagram-style photo filters to its mobile apps in the coming months, according to a report from The New York Times. While Twitter hasn't gone on record about this forthcoming feature, it sounds like a direct response to Facebook's purchase of Instagram earlier this year, a service that has quickly become the de-facto social network for sharing images. While Twitter and Instagram remain tightly integrated, Twitter would likely prefer its users to stay on its own platform for taking and sharing photos rather than using a Facebook-owned product for all of their photo-sharing needs. Facebook hasn't given any indication that it would start restricting the services that Instagram can plug into, but we'd imagine Twitter wouldn't be happy if it found itself cut off from the many millions of people using the service. While this is far from confirmed yet, it's a move that fits in with the ever-increasing amount of control Twitter wants over its platform.