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HTC CEO happy with Apple patent settlement, calls price estimates 'outrageous'

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apple htc
apple htc

HTC has today called estimates that it's paying $6-$8 per phone to Apple "very, very, wrong." The two companies recently settled their differences by dropping all litigation between them and signing a cross-licensing patent agreement that will last for 10 years. After the agreement was made public, speculation was rampant as to how much HTC — which is widely assumed to be paying Apple a fee as part of the deal — would give Apple per phone sale.

When asked if the $6-$8 figure was accurate, HTC CEO Peter Chou called the estimate "baseless... an outrageous number." He refused to provide specifics, but said he believes "we have a very, very happy settlement and a good ending." For more on why HTC decided to cross-license its patents with Apple, read our analysis of the settlement.