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Good Deal: Canon EOS T4i with 18-55mm lens for $679.99

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Canon T4i Good Deal
Canon T4i Good Deal

Canon's EOS T4i camera hits a sweet spot of features and price for many potential DSLR buyers — and for the next eight hours or so, you can pick one up for a significant discount. is selling the camera plus an 18-55mm lens with image stabilization for only $679.99 — that's a good $120 less than Amazon and B&H are currently selling the kit for. It's a great DSLR for the price, with image quality rivaling a number of more expensive cameras, and it's also the first DSLR to feature a touchscreen — something we found genuinely useful when we reviewed the camera earlier this year. If you want the deal, you need to act quickly: the sale is only on until midnight EST.