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DirecTV prices ViaSat satellite broadband bundle, up to 25GB for $119.99

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Gallery Photo: ViaSat satellite internet service hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: ViaSat satellite internet service hands-on photos

Earlier this year DirecTV revealed it had two partnerships in the works to bring broadband to rural customers that don't have access to fiber or cable — and today it announced pricing for its bundle with provider ViaSat. Kicking things off with a promotion, the monthly price for the 12Mbps Exede satellite broadband service will be $39.99 for 10GB of data, $69.99 for 15GB, and $119.99 for 25GB — a $10 monthly discount across the board. Although the data caps may seem strict, it's generally standard fare for satellite broadband companies. The discount only applies for the first half of a two-year contract, though the company will be refunding customers back the $49.99 installation fee as an added incentive.

Customers will also be able to access the internet between midnight and 5AM every night without it counting against their data cap — so that might be a good time to take care of any streaming needs. To take advantage of the reduced pricing, customers will need to sign up for the bundle before January 31st of next year.