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Hulu Plus arrives on Wii U with GamePad-only viewing option

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hulu plus wii u (official)
hulu plus wii u (official)

Work on the Wii U’s array of video services might not have been completed ahead of launch, but at least the software seems to be trickling out steadily. Today, Hulu is announcing the launch of its Hulu Plus service for Nintendo’s newest console, including a second screen mode that lets you relinquish the TV to the rest of your family if they don’t share your taste in viewing — the same as we saw with the Netflix app.

Controls on the GamePad let you scrub through the timeline, turn on captions, toggle video quality, and perform a quick ten-second rewind. You can also use it to access "rich information" about programs like cast lists and plot synopses, and if you prefer the GamePad’s hardware controls over the touch-based alternatives, you can press right or left to seek forward or back. If you're a Wii U early adopter without a Hulu Plus subscription and you’re not sure whether it's worth shelling out for, the company is giving users a one-week free trial to sample the goods.