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Timelapse video shows the extent of the Nikon D600's dust issues

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dust spots d600
dust spots d600

Since its release, there have been claims that the sensor in Nikon's full-frame D600 DSLR attracts dust at an alarmingly high rate. Early anecdotal reports have since been confirmed by trusted sources like dpreview, but a timelapse video has now revealed the extent of the issue. Captured with a brand-new Nikon D600, the video shows that not only is the camera's sensor susceptible to dust, but the dust seems to come from inside the camera itself.

Canadian artist Kyle Clements shot the timelapse, and says as it progressed, he could see more and more dust appearing on the sensor. "Keep in mind that I am not changing lenses; all this dust is coming from inside the camera." Camera rental firm Lens Rentals investigated the issue after finding that it had to clean every single D600 on return. The company found an unusually large shutter curtain opening inside the D600, and hypothesized that dust inside the camera is getting "blown out" through the opening during early use. It thinks that over time the problems will lessen. Nikon has neither confirmed nor commented on any of the reports.