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Good Deal: Sony Vaio T13 13-inch Windows 8 ultrabook for $599.99

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Vaio T13 Good Deal
Vaio T13 Good Deal

It may not provide earth-shattering performance at every level, but the Sony Vaio T13 currently on sale for $599 at Newegg should be a perfectly capable Windows 8 laptop for your average user. Sony's portable features a 13.3-inch touchscreen, Intel Core i3 chipset, and 4GB of RAM. One nicety included here is the Vaio's hybrid hard drive, which pairs a 500GB hard disk with 32GB of flash storage, ensuring fast bootup times and quick access to commonly-used files. Hardcore gaming is out of the question on account of the system's integrated Intel 4000 graphics, but an HD webcam and USB sleep charge port round out a rather nice package for the price. And considering it's just a dollar extra, we'd also recommend going for the combo deal that includes a notebook bag.