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Google Fiber TV interface and Nexus 7 remote shows off integration with over-the-top services

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Google Fiber
Google Fiber

When we first had the opportunity to see Google Fiber in person, we didn't get too much time with the interface itself. However, BTIG Research has just posted a video offering a brief preview of how the Google Fiber television service will work. The video (which is just a collection of stills) walks through both the Nexus 7 tablet remote control, as well as a bit of the interface on the television. Both heavily mirror each other, and the search feature pulls up results from over-the-top services (though only Netflix appears to be available for now) as well as upcoming showings on TV. Once you find a video to watch you can display it on either the TV or the Nexus 7 remote, whether it is from Netflix or broadcast.

The integration looks to be very seamless, and the interface is certainly very plain. That's not a bad thing at all, however, and the remote interface looks pleasing as well — far better than the decades of terrible remotes we've had to deal with. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the internet speeds are still there: the BTIG got 905.28 mbps down and 794.59 mbps up — not so far off from the promised gigabit speeds, and not bad for $70 per month.