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Verizon's FiOS app brings live TV streaming to the iPad

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fios ipad app icon stock 1020
fios ipad app icon stock 1020

If you’re a FiOS subscriber who also owns an iPad, you’ll now be able to use it to watch live streaming TV anywhere on your home network, thanks to Verizon’s newest app update. The company says that not all channels in the FiOS TV lineup will be available right away (Engadget reports a list of 75), but subscribers are sure to be happy that the iPad is being elevated to the status of the Xbox 360 and Samsung Smart TVs. On top of streaming support, the update is also said to improve the pairing process for using your iPad as a remote control, as well as some bug fixes, which should make it easier to search available TV programs, switch channels on your TV, and set your DVR from your tablet.