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Samsung accuses iPad mini of patent infringement in latest legal salvo

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Gallery Photo: Hands-on with the iPad mini
Gallery Photo: Hands-on with the iPad mini

Samsung successfully added the iPhone 5 to its newest patent battle with Apple, and today the company accused several more of Cupertino's products of infringement — including the iPad mini. In a court filing today, the company asked to include Apple's 7.9-inch tablet along with the latest versions of the iPod Touch and iPad; all of the devices are accused of infringing the same patents already in play in the case.

Apple won a jury verdict in a courtroom fight between the two companies earlier this year, but this second lawsuit will likely go to trial sometime next year. Apple has accused the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy S III, and an assortment of other products thus far, while Samsung has returned with its own accusations in kind. While these latest devices won't be officially included until the request is approved by US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal, there is little reason to think they won't make it in, raising the stakes for Apple — and ramping up the pressure to settle just that much more.