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Artist renders 'Angry Birds' gestures in stark monochrome paintings

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evan roth angry birds all levels
evan roth angry birds all levels

Evan Roth's Angry Birds All Levels uses black ink on tracing paper to show the gestures required to complete each level of the popular bird-flinging game. Roth placed the paper over his iPhone to capture each swipe and tap, and the result is a work that aims to "contrast the excitement that happens in the gaming environment with the monotony that actually takes places in the physical world."

Angry Birds All Levels is part of a larger series where Roth explores and presents multitouch gestures in physical form. It's on display at Dublin's Science Gallery, but don't worry if you can't make it to Ireland — all 300 sheets of paper have been immortalized on video for those who need an avant-garde Angry Birds strategy guide.