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More than 10 million Thanksgiving photos uploaded to Instagram on the service's biggest day ever

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Instagram viewfinder
Instagram viewfinder

It's been a year of major growth for Instagram — the launch of an Android app helped its userbase expand significantly, and that massive userbase made Thanksgiving the biggest day ever for the photo-sharing service. According to the Instagram blog, users shared more than 10 million photos with Thanksgiving-related terms in the captions, with a posting rate peaking at well over 200 images per second during the busiest hours of the day. Overall, Instagram says the day broke all its records, with more than twice as many photos uploaded on Thanksgiving compared to the day before.

It's not a huge surprise — people are definitely fans of posting food pictures — but it's still a pretty massive number. For some context, Instagram's CEO called Hurricane Sandy the service's "biggest event" earlier this month, but that only represented some 800,000 photos. Given how fast Instagram keeps on adding users, we expect this won't be the last time we hear about record-breaking uploads — Christmas is only a month away.