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'The Where, the Why, and the How' combines art and science to explain life's mysteries

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A self-described "science book like no other," The Where, the Why, and the How attempts to answer 75 "unanswered" questions like "What existed before the big bang?," "Do immortal creatures live?," and "Can evolution outpace climate change?" in a fun and informative way. More than 50 scientists contributed single-page answers to each question, and each answer is accompanied by a full-page illustration. The result is more of a 'fun facts' book than a comprehensive scientific analysis.

75 contemporary artists such as Jacob Magraw, Jen Corace, and Patrick Kyle were commissioned to create the book's original artwork, leading to a huge variety of visual styles throughout. Some illustrations are, like the front cover pictured above, akin to those of a beautified textbook, but the most are simply works of art; literal, metaphorical, or satiric imagery to accompany the text. The creators of the book have produced a video showing off some of the artwork, and if that piques your interest, the hardcover edition is available from Amazon for $14.33.