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Minecraft Reality lets you see your virtual creations in the real world

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Minecraft Reality
Minecraft Reality

For many players, the best part of Minecraft is building things, and a new app for iOS lets you see what your creations would look like in the real world. Called Minecraft Reality, the augmented reality app lets you upload your creations to a website, and then place them in the real world so that you can view them through your device's camera. There's also a social element, as you can stick your Minecraft models in a specific place, where other users will be able to stumble across them. The app was created by AR developer 13th Lab, with the blessing of Minecraft studio Mojang. If you are planning on picking it up, just be aware that Minecraft Reality won't work on many older devices — the iPod touch 4G and older devices aren't supported, while "most functionality" isn't available on the iPhone 4. You can grab it for $1.99 from the App Store now.