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Wii U system music gets remixed, released in unofficial compilation

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Like the Wii before it, Nintendo's Wii U blasts out a surprising amount of music as you're navigating through the console's menus, downloading items from the eShop, or sitting through software updates. It was only a matter of time before an enterprising fan gathered each of those tracks together for easy listening, which is exactly what DJ Cutman has done. WiiU Grooves, as he's calling it, is a 9-track compilation featuring remixes of the best "beats and grooves" from Nintendo's latest console. Cutman is using a name-your-own-price payment model with no minimum, so you can download the entire album at no cost — even in lossless FLAC format — by just entering an email address. Doing so will sign you up for DJ Cutman's mailing list, which you may want to undo if the music is all you're after.