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James Bond-like weapons retrieved from failed North Korean assassin

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north korean assassin weapons
north korean assassin weapons

Three deadly and otherwise undetectable weapons were found on the body of a would-be North Korean assassin. An "investigation official" recently revealed the collection to CNN, which consists of a pair of pens and a flashlight. One of the pens is equipped with a poison needle, capable of causing muscular paralysis and death, while the other is used to fire a bullet that penetrates the skin then releases a toxin. The third item — a weapon that the official never knew existed prior to the attack — has the appearance of a standard flashlight but is actually a gun that can shoot three bullets with accuracy and deadly force.

The assassin's target was Park Sang-hak, an anti-North Korean activist who is wanted by the government for spreading propaganda from South Korea in balloons. South Korea's National Intelligence Service prevented the attack when it was attempted last year in Seoul. The assassin, referred to as Ahn, met Park previously, and the two were en route to meet each other again after Ahn offered to fund his activism. Ahn is now facing four years in prison after he was convicted in April.