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Nintendo Wii Mini launches December 7th in Canada for $99.99

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wii mini
wii mini

Nintendo has just unveiled the Wii Mini on its website, confirming today's leak from Best Buy. The new console — which updates the look and price of the original Wii — will launch exclusively in Canada for the holidays, and will go on sale starting December 7th for $99.99. The price drop isn't totally surprising considering that Nintendo just launched the new Wii U console, and it's the second time the company has updated the design of the original Wii. The new design includes a black matte console body with glossy red accents, and a matching red Wii Remote.

Unfortunately for legacy players, Nintendo says the Mini "puts the focus squarely on Wii games," which means GameCube compatibility is still out. Additionally, Nintendo has stripped the console of internet capabilities, meaning that users won't be able to do things like stream Netflix through the console. Nintendo says "it's a great value for first time Wii owners who just want to jump in," though it doesn't sound like the console is a full substitute for the original Wii. Nintendo says no information is available yet about the Wii Mini's "potential availability" in other regions in the future, and it's not clear why the company chose to launch the console only in Canada, but we'll keep you posted if it heads for slightly warmer climates.