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Robots iPad app offers interactive look at robotics history with hundreds of photos, videos

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Robots for iPad
Robots for iPad

Robot enthusiasts may find this hard to pass up: a new app for iPad provides an interactive look at the history of robotics by compiling a wealth of information and media. Developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Robots for iPad contains a massive database of 129 of the world's most recognizable robots. Longtime favorites like Honda's Asimo are featured, though the collection also includes recent breakthroughs like IBM's Watson, the Ekso exoskeleton, MakerBot's 3D printers, and even Google's self-driving car. Every robot "biography" calls for some sort of direct user interaction. Some have you tap through a sequence of photos while others allow you to swipe for a 360-degree view of the bot on screen. Those experiences are further enhanced by comprehensive specifications and background for each robot, videos, and audio interviews with experts in the field.

Thankfully the app's developers don't take the subject matter too seriously, with extras like the ability to rank robots by creepy appearance adding an element of fun for younger audiences. Robots for iPad will cost you $4.99 in the App Store and is compatible with all iPad models, though Retina optimizations mean those using Apple's latest full-size tablets are in for the best experience. Regardless of what hardware you choose to run it on, the app shouldn't be missed by anyone with even the slightest interest in robotics.