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Nexus 4 in stock and available from Google today starting at noon PST

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Gallery Photo: Google Nexus 4 pictures
Gallery Photo: Google Nexus 4 pictures

Google has just announced in an email notification that the LG Nexus 4 will be available for sale from Google Play starting today at noon PST, only in the US. Customers were faced with what appeared to be a frenzy of ordering back on November 13th, when the Play store grew sluggish and Nexus 4 models sold out quickly. The new phones were expected to ship on November 15th, but some customers experienced delays "due to overwhelming demand," putting the device on backorder for up to three weeks. Google's supply seems to have caught up, and if you're in the market for a new flagship Android device, head on over to Google Play this afternoon.

Update: Google's Play Store is again experiencing the same problems we saw when the Nexus 4 originally went on sale, but if you've had no luck so far, keep at it. A message on the Play website now says, "Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience." For anyone that isn't keen on honoring Google's request to have some patience, your best option is hitting the refresh button. Many times.