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Nebula weather station recreates clouds and other conditions inside your house

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Nebula 12
Nebula 12

Though it's still a mere concept, the Nebula 12 weather station could one day make the thermometer in your home look hopelessly dated. The networked lamp changes its output to reflect current weather conditions in realtime. If it's sunny, for example, you'll see a bright yellow light. But it's when weather turns ugly that the Nebula is most impressive; on overcast or cloudy days, the machine utilizes liquid nitrogen, warm water, and high-powered vacuum suction to instantly create clouds inside your house. Weather simulation ends there though, so don't expect any rain drops.

The Nebula pulls in forecast data for up to 48 hours from MetOff, though its creators say users would ultimately be able to choose their own trusted weather source. Apart from its main purpose, the lamp could also serve as a regular light source with customizable variations in color and brightness. And owners of Nokia Lumia smartphones would get an extra bonus in the form of an app providing quick access to settings. Your guess is as good as ours as to when this will make the leap from concept to fully-realized product. For now, you can see the lamp in action below.