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Apple reportedly fires Maps manager after iOS 6 complaints

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Apple Maps "Brooklyn Bridge"
Apple Maps "Brooklyn Bridge"

The flawed debut of the iOS 6 Maps application didn't just leave some consumers frustrated — according to Bloomberg, it has resulted in one manager at Apple being fired outright. Richard Williamson is said to have been the individual that oversaw the Maps team — he's currently listed as a senior director of iOS Platform Services on LinkedIn — and was reportedly let go by Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue. The Maps teams had previously been overseen by Scott Forstall; when it was announced last month that Forstall was leaving Apple, both Maps and Siri become Cue's responsibility.

According to Bloomberg, Cue plans to appoint new leadership to the team in order to quickly turn around what became an embarrassment for Cupertino. He is also said to be pushing Apple's mapping partners, including TomTom, to quickly rectify any errors in their own data that could be contributing to the service's issues. While Apple did release a formal apology saying that it would be addressing the problems, that hasn't prevented competitors like Google and Nokia from touting their own mapping alternatives in the meantime. Nokia launched its new Here app for iOS earlier this month, while Google has been announcing numerous improvements to its own service as well. While Google is widely expected to reveal its own native mapping solution for iOS, no availability date has been announced just yet.