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Asus Taichi dual-screen ultrabook is indefinitely delayed

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Gallery Photo: Asus TAICHI pictures
Gallery Photo: Asus TAICHI pictures

One of the most far-out Windows 8 convertible touchscreen designs seems to be having some trouble swimming to US shores. The Asus Taichi, a high-end ultrathin laptop with 1080p screens on either side of its lid, has been delayed until December or worse. Originally, the laptop was supposed to arrive with Windows 8 on October 26th, and at least one version of the machine went on pre-order that same month, but listings at many online retailers have either vanished or drastically changed in the interim. In particular, Amazon and Newegg have stopped taking orders altogether. An Asus representative told IDG News that US shipments of the Taichi might start in December, but they could be delayed even later. Asus didn't provide any reasons for the setback.

B&H now shows an expected release date of December 1st for the 11.6-inch Taichi 21 model, and Adorama suggests it might arrive somewhere between the middle and the end of November. In Canada, Best Buy and Future Shop are presently suggesting a release date of January 30th, 2013 for the Taichi 21. The 13.3-inch Taichi 31 is also missing in action; Engadget reported that it would appear in December, but we've yet to see a listing for the laptop at any well-known retailer. Sounds like we've got a bit of a wait. In the meanwhile, why not check out our reviews of the transforming touchscreen competition?

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