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Watch this: all your favorite sci-fi films spliced into a six-minute supercut

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More than 100 films, over a month of editing, and the result is a triumph

sci-fi supercut
sci-fi supercut

Science fiction movies, by their very nature, tend to feature a disproportionately high amount of badass visuals, making them perfect fodder for an epic supercut. That's just what YouTube has been graced with this month, in the shape of this six-minute video that spans more than 100 of the best-known sci-fi flicks to date. You've got everything from the classic Jurassic Park, E.T. and Back to the Future to the somewhat less accomplished Aeon Flux and The Hunger Games film adaptations. It's all set to a splendid soundtrack remixed by The Glitch Mob (available as a free download at the Soundcloud link below) and well worth a half dozen of your earthly minutes to enjoy.