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'Life in Five Seconds' explains pop culture to dummies

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life in five seconds
life in five seconds

Life in Five Seconds condenses stories of historical events, famous people, and iconic landmarks into simple wordless pictographs. Produced by design studio H-57, Life's take on well-known subjects is often funny, sometimes enlightening, and always a fun time-waster — even when you don't find a particular subject interesting, the graphics used are meticulously laid out and a joy to look at.

Publisher Quercus Books has also enabled some pages to come to life through augmented reality. After downloading the QuercusEye app for Android and iOS you simply point your device's camera at the page and the pictographs will become animated through screen. Life in Five Seconds doesn't seem to be widely available in the US, but you can pick it up from Amazon UK for around $11, or download the ebook wherever you are.