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Deezer lays the groundwork for its own music apps following Spotify's success

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Deezer recently celebrated its international success by announcing that it had amassed 20 million tracks while serving 160 countries. Rather than making the anticipated expansion into the United States, Deezer has instead decided to take a cue from Spotify by launching App Studio. The company is approaching the idea from two angles: first, Deezer is encouraging developers to continue using its APIs to integrate the music streaming service into their own apps and websites. They can then submit their apps to Deezer's App Studio for approval. If they are approved, listeners will be able to find desktop and mobile apps that feature Deezer integration using the new App Center, a discovery tool that’s clearly intended to mimic Spotify’s current app situation.

The move makes sense for the streaming service in light of Spotify’s features. Spotify’s own app offerings haven’t even been live for a year, but the company has already accrued a healthy mix of major and minor offerings, including Artist Apps. They've seen success too, even if there are some questionable app choices, and Deezer looks to have recognized the strategy of being more than just a dumb pipe for streaming music. The company may be eyeing up Spotify from afar, but its latest move still doesn't change the fact that it won’t be a major competitor until it launches in the United States.