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UN nuclear agency breached by hackers, email addresses published

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The International Atomic Energy Agency has fallen victim to hackers, who managed to access one of the UN agency's servers and publish over 100 retrieved email addresses on the web. The leaked contact data belongs to workers that have assisted the IAEA in its quest to reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the globe. Apparently it's dated information, however, with the IAEA claiming the addresses were "stolen from an old server that was shut down some time ago." Nonetheless, the agency's security teams are currently working to ensure no further sensitive data is compromised.

A hacker group known as Parastoo has claimed responsibility for the intrusion and released the full list of email addresses via Pastebin. The perpetrators are using the hack to call attention to Israel's nuclear activity. It's widely believed the country maintains an atomic arsenal, though Israel has long remained ambiguous on the matter to dissuade potential adversaries. IAEA's breach follows dramatic violence that ensued between Hamas and Israel in recent weeks, during which the internet proved to be a focal point of the conflict — now halted thanks to a cease-fire agreement.