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Play this: 'Skrillex Quest' weaves wubs with glitch-fighting RPG action

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skrillex quest
skrillex quest

A new game from Jason Oda, creator of a little gem called Perfect Strangers: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, is back with Skrillex Quest: a bigger adventure set in the world of a glitchy game cartridge. Oda created the game for Skrillex and Atlantic Records, and it features Skrillex's title 'Summit.' The game is a 3D action RPG in which your character has to fight back, with the help of a ghostly Princess, against the glitches caused by dust on an 8-bit Nintendo game cartridge. The visuals are slick, especially for a flash game, and the hack-and-slash action against glitchy cubes that leave corrupted tiles in their wake is simple and satisfying. In an email to The Verge, Oda says that the game took just about three months to complete, working alone. You can play Skrillex Quest right now for free in your browser.