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Scott Forstall 'got what he deserved,' says former Apple exec Tony Fadell

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fadell feature lead 1020
fadell feature lead 1020

Nest CEO Tony Fadell left Apple back in 2008, but after heading the iPod division he knows what it's like to work with recently-ousted iOS SVP Scott Forstall — and it doesn't sound like he had the best experience. Forstall was widely known to have been an abrasive presence in the workplace, and while Fadell didn't go into details in this BBC interview, he made it clear that he believes Forstall "got what he deserved." Apple never provided details on Forstall's departure, but Fadell's comments line up with what we've heard ourselves. Fadell ran the iPhone project until the iPhone 3GS, so he was heavily involved in porting the Mac-based version of iOS (the one we know today) to the phone platform, and he therefore worked quite closely with Forstall.

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