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Like the movie itself, 'Skyfall's special effects mix the old with the new

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skyfall fx
skyfall fx

The latest James Bond film, Skyfall, maintains the long-running series' venerated tradition for featuring eye-opening stunts, crashes, explosions, and wanton landscape destruction. Daniel Craig reprises his role as the suave secret agent, but he's not the only returnee, with title designer Daniel Kleinman doing his sixth Bond movie titles and visual effects supervisor Steve Begg coming back after skipping Quantum of Solace. FX Guide has interviewed both of those behind-the-scenes orchestrators as part of its special effects breakdown of Skyfall.

Needless to say, there are spoilers aplenty in the detailing of the new movie's visual techniques, so if you haven't seen Bond's 23rd outing on the big screen yet, it might be advisable to give this compendium of info a skip until you have. For everyone else, it's a great way to learn about how old and new FX methods came together to give Skyfall its visual splendor.