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Instagram and Street View mashup reveals who's smoking weed and where

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Rutgers New Brunswick's Social Media Information Lab has created The Beat, a site that combines Instagram's geotags with Google Street View to help people "explore topics in a new way." It works really well, giving context to the images — instead of just looking at pretty sunrises, you can actually explore the area that they were taken. There are other projects that group together images by location, notably This Is Now, but the addition of Street View and a more focused presentation makes The Beat a little different — it's well worth exploring for yourself, and the #wedding and #sunrise 'Beats' are fairly safe places to start.

There's no filtering that we can see, so you're at the mercy of the Instagram community for content. There's a Beat for pretty much every hashtag you can think of, some of which reveal the time, date, and Street View of some interesting photos. Trying to come up with the funniest searches has pretty much consumed our morning, and here are some of our SFW favorites.