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VLC launches Kickstarter campaign for a new Windows 8 app

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VLC for Windows 8
VLC for Windows 8

The team behind popular media player VLC have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for creating new Windows 8 and Windows RT versions of the program. Currently VLC runs in the desktop mode of Windows 8 without any issues, but several members behind the project are hoping to create a new version that will use the Metro-style (or whatever Microsoft is calling it these days) of the new operating system. According to the team, the Kickstarter funds will allow current members of the VLC team to work on the Windows 8 version full-time while hiring professional designers to rework the user interface for Metro.

Once the VLC team hits the £40,000 (around $64,100) goal, they expect to finish the port within three months. As noted on the Kickstarter page, however, there are some caveats to the project. An ARM-based version of VLC won’t be made available for Windows RT straight away, with support promised in a future update. Even when it is eventually released, banned API calls could bar it from the Windows Store altogether. Asking so openly for funds via Kickstarter is also a change in pace for the team behind the media player, who have relied on optional user donations through the VLC website in the past to keep development active. Still, radically overhauling the program’s design is no small feat let’s just hope that VLC for Windows 8 isn’t delayed like so many other Kickstarter projects.