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You'll never guess what holds together the new Velcro HQ

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Velcro headquarters dezeen jordi adria
Velcro headquarters dezeen jordi adria

Velcro is used for shoes, backpacks, and in the case of the company's new headquarters, even lamps and walls. Dezeen Magazine has featured the redesigned space, which has movable glass walls with a white Velcro pattern, spherical red lamps made from Velcro strips, and a map of the world created using round Velcro pads. Designers Luis Eslava and Lorena Sauras said they "wanted to convey the new values of the Velcro brand through the use of open, transparent spaces," and their design focuses heavily on white, using splashes of black and red to create a "bright, upbeat atmosphere." For more images of the space, you can head over to photographer Jordi Adria's site and check out Dezeen's full slideshow.