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Filmmaker Shane Carruth adopts direct distribution, offers cult hit 'Primer' DRM-free

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Shane Carruth's sci-fi film Primer has amassed a cult following thanks to its head-scratcher time travel plot, but securing a physical copy of the movie can prove a challenge. Now Carruth is making it easier to watch his film wherever and however you'd like by selling it digitally for $15 sans any DRM restrictions. Better still, the download is a high-definition 720p file that promises compatibility with your PC/Mac, iOS devices, and Android. For reference, Primer is currently available for $19.99 through the iTunes Store, so by purchasing directly you're both saving cash and ridding the movie of Apple's FairPlay DRM.

Carruth filmed Primer on a $7,000 budget — dirt-cheap by production standards — and earned positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. The plot revolves around two friends who ultimately discover a means of time travel and struggle with the tremendous power such a tool presents, though we won't risk further spoilers for those that haven't yet seen the intellectual thriller. It may not have the backing of a major film studio, but Carruth's decision to offer his work directly to fans is just the latest example of content creators cutting out the middleman. Whether he plans to employ the same model for his next film Upstream Color, set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January, remains unclear.