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THQ's Humble Bundle lets you pay what you want for AAA, Steam-only games

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metro 2033
metro 2033

The long running, pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle is back, but this time it looks a little different than what you're used to. Instead of a collection of notable indie games, the bundle has partnered with publisher THQ to offer AAA titles like Company of Heroes (and its two expansions), Metro 2033, Darksiders, and Red Faction: Armageddon for as little as $1. And if you pay above the average price — currently hovering just above $5 — you'll also get a copy of Saints Row The Third.

It's definitely a great deal, though it also marks a curious change for the Humble Bundle. Not only does this iteration focus entirely on AAA games from a single publisher, it also does away with the notions of DRM-free and multi-platform releases. Each game is only available on Windows, and only through Steam (though, of course, you can still choose to send your payment to notable charities like Child's Play and the American Red Cross). If those restrictions don't scare you off, you can pick up the collection now at the source link below.

Update: In a statement to The Verge, the Humble Bundle's John Graham assures us that this latest bundle won't change the project's overall mission.

"We are hopefully going to raise a huge amount of money for charity and expose a ton of new customers to the Humble Bundle model. We have been debuting more games than ever for Mac and Linux (and Android — and even got to do the digital debut an eBook this year!) and this promotion will help us continue to do so. We are humbly hopeful that our customers will see this as a good thing instead of a permanent departure from what we have done and will continue to do."