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Microsoft says the Surface Pro will have 'approximately half the battery life' of the Surface RT

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windows8 surface
windows8 surface

Microsoft finally announced pricing information for its Surface Pro tablet earlier today, but now we have a little bit more information to share about the device thanks to one of the company's official Twitter accounts. Responding to an inquiry from another Twitter user, Microsoft's official Surface account said that users can expect to get "approximately half the battery life of the Surface RT" out of the Pro. That doesn't come as huge surprise — the Pro has a larger 42.5Wh battery (the RT's is 31.5Wh), but it also has a more powerful processor and a higher resolution display. This may disappoint a few who were hoping to get all day battery life out of the device. In our review of the Surface RT, we were impressed with its over eight hour of stamina with regular use, so going by Microsoft's guidance, owners of the Surface Pro should expect about four hours of battery life before they need to reach for the charger. We'll be reviewing the Surface Pro in full once it is available, so we will be sure to put the battery to the test and see how it performs in the real world.