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Barnes & Noble cutting Nook Color and Tablet prices to $139 and $159

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Nook 8GB Tablet_640
Nook 8GB Tablet_640

Less than three months have passed since the Nook Color and Nook Tablet saw a price drop, but Barnes & Noble is cutting the prices of its e-reader tablets again. The Nook Color will now cost just $139, while the 8GB and 16GB Nook Tablets will set you back $159 and $179, respectively. The new prices represent a $10 saving for the Nook Color and $20 savings for both Nook Tablets.

The price cut coincides with the release of the company's new flagship tablets, the $199 7-inch Nook HD and $269 9-inch HD+, which will both be available on November 8th. Barnes & Noble says the new pricing will come into effect in-store and online from tomorrow.