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Shatoetry iOS app lets you write poems using William Shatner's voice

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Shatoetry app screenshots
Shatoetry app screenshots

Capitalizing on his own status as an online figure of fun, actor William Shatner has released an app for iPhone and iPad which allows users to compose poems using his famous voice. Dubbed Shatoetry, the app takes its inspiration from refrigerator poetry sets, providing a limited selection of words, each of which has been pre-recorded by Shatner in three separate ways. By enlarging specific words, users are able to create "more dramatic readings," and dedicated symbols are provided to represent Shatner's trademark pregnant pauses.

As well as the creative solo mode, Shatoetry offers a game element, in which players — either online or in person — take turns to create a collaborative poem. Naturally, completed "Shatisms" are shareable on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on YouTube and via email — for some previews, check out Shatner's own Twitter feed. The app is available in App Store for $2.99, and is optimized for iPhone 5.