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New Jersey will let citizens displaced by Hurricane Sandy vote by email or fax

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google crisis map sandy stock 1020
google crisis map sandy stock 1020

New Jersey has announced that it will allow registered voters in the state who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy, and first responders assisting in recovery efforts, to vote over the internet by email or fax. New Jersey, along with several other states, already allow military and overseas voters to cast ballots over the internet. Some states offer remote voting options more broadly, including Oregon, which uses mail-in ballots statewide, but remote online voting is rare and controversial in the United States. Still, it's no doubt a relief to those voters who were evacuated from their homes so close to election day. Registered voters in New Jersey must submit a mail-in ballot application by email or fax to their county clerk, and will then receive a ballot that must be submitted by 8PM on November 6th, 2012.