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Christopher Nolan discusses the challenge of bringing Batman to life

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Earlier this week, Christopher Nolan sat down with film critic Scott Foundas and talked Batman. A transcript of the interview has now been published by Foundas at Film Comment and it makes for an illuminating read. Nolan discusses his reasons for shooting the trilogy, his philosophy in approaching the characters, and the importance of theatricality in film. Nolan's hesitance to rely on CGI in his films is well-documented, but The Dark Knight Rises bucked that trend somewhat, featuring an increased amount of computer-generated effects. The filmmaker notes that TDKR only contains "about a third or a quarter the number of CG shots of any other film on that scale," and explains how he physically combines the effects with the film to achieve a more natural, integrated look.

He also discussed his approach to filmmaking in general, and spoke briefly on the possibility of more films in the Batman universe and the ending of his trilogy — we won't repeat his comments, just in case you haven't seen the film yet, but if you'd like to know more click through to the source link below.