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Ouya developer consoles to ship on time, available alongside SDK on December 28th

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Ouya Prototype
Ouya Prototype

The Ouya game console already has the distinction of being one of the most highly-funded Kickstarter projects of all time, and now it's about to get another distinction to its name: shipping on time. The founders have posted an update with a photo of an actual prototype of the device, and they say that developer consoles will ship on December 28th. Additionally, the software development kit for game-makers will be made available to everyone — not just purchasers of the developer console — on that date.

This first batch of units precedes the expected March delivery for users who purchased the console but didn't seek early access for development purposes. The Jelly Bean-based console garnered attention this summer when it launched on Kickstarter because of its $99 price point, hackability, and its attractive design from Yves Béhar. Ultimately, it raised over $8.5 million.