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Music Hack Day project maps out lyrics to Johnny Cash's 'I've Been Everywhere' in realtime

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Cash I've Been Everywhere
Cash I've Been Everywhere

In 1996, the legendary Johnny Cash recorded "I've Been Everywhere," putting his signature on an old-time country classic. The song, which rattles off dozens of locations throughout North America, was an appropriate fit a musician that toured rigorously throughout his storied career. Now through the magic of Google Maps, you can listen to the song while each one of those destinations is labeled with a Johnny Cash pin — all in realtime before your own eyes. Developer Iain Mullan whipped the project together for Music Hack Day London 2012 using MusixMatch (for lyrics), Toma HK and his own programming know-how. In all, mapping out "I've Been Everywhere"'s itinerary results in 112515 miles of travel. Cash undoubtedly crossed through many of these spots throughout his meteoric rise, and though we think Mullan may have missed a few pin drops, his work makes for a fun technology demo regardless.