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Samsung Galaxy Camera with LTE radio passes through FCC, may be headed to Verizon

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Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Camera hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Camera hands-on photos

Samsung's curious Galaxy Camera has been limited to solely AT&T for would-be suitors in the US, but an FCC filing suggests that Verizon Wireless may soon offer the Android device. The filing shows a Galaxy Camera with an LTE radio, as well as the requisite Wi-Fi and GPS antennas. While the presence of an LTE radio doesn't mean it the product is destined for any particular carrier, the filing reveals that the radio is for LTE Band 13, which is used by Verizon Wireless. Somewhat surprisingly, the camera does not have a 3G CDMA radio to fall back onto, according to the FCC documentation, which means that users would be without internet access in the (mostly rural and suburban) areas without LTE service.

When AT&T's version of the Galaxy Camera was first announced, it was a point of contention that Samsung opted to keep the device nearly identical to the international variant, omitting LTE in favor of slower HSPA+ connectivity. However, reports from Korea just yesterday say that Samsung will bring an LTE version of the camera to carriers SK Telecom and KT. Notably, that report says that the device would have 3G connectivity as well as LTE, unlike the supposed Verizon version revealed today. Despite the evidence, it's important to keep in mind that while the device mentioned in the FCC filing is most likely headed for Verizon, not all products that pass through the FCC are released.