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9to5Mac: Apple bringing movie ticket sales to Siri with iOS 6.1

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Siri movie ticket sales
Siri movie ticket sales

With iOS 6 Siri gained the ability to look up movie times, and now it looks as though users may soon be able to order tickets directly through Apple's personal assistant. According to 9to5Mac, a newly-released developer beta of iOS 6.1 expands on Siri's movie functionality by allowing users to buy tickets for showings — or at least get a quick start on the process. Fandango serves as the backend for ticketing, and much in the way Apple handles restaurant reservations with OpenTable, you'll need to hop into the full-blown Fandango app to finalize your purchase. It's a bit of a drag that you won't be able to secure tickets using only your voice, but the deeper integration should still save a bit of time. For more details and a gallery showing off Siri's new ability, head over to 9to5Mac at the source below.