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Skype begins offering prepaid cards in the UK

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Skype hero
Skype hero

Skype has announced that it will roll out its prepaid access cards in retail stores across the UK. The cards also launched in Mexico last August will be offered for both £10 and £20 in stores such as Asda, Sainsbury’s, and WHSmith. After purchasing a card, users scratch the back to reveal a PIN that can be entered on Skype’s website, redeeming the credit and allowing it to be applied against any of the VoIP company’s premium services or subscriptions. Skype notes that around 1,400 locations in the UK will carry the cards at first, with more planned in the future. It’s a smart move for the company: calling cards are extremely popular in the UK, and there are still those wary of using sensitive financial information for online services. Skype’s alternative may just be what’s needed to coax such people into using the service.