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Windows RT accounts for half of the 32GB Surface's disk space

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Microsoft Surface RT hero (1024px)
Microsoft Surface RT hero (1024px)

Microsoft has revealed exactly how much free space new Surface owners are left with after taking into account Windows RT and system-related files. For the 32GB version of the new tablet, users have access to only 16GB of storage, with the remaining half taken up by Windows recovery tools, Windows RT, Microsoft Office, and built-in apps. Those who opted for the 64GB Surface lose more than a quarter of the total hard disk space to the same files, leaving 46GB free in the end — a notable amount for both models considering that RT is a stripped-down version of Windows 8. Fortunately, Microsoft's Surface supports microSD cards and USB storage so there are other options for more space, but potential buyers should be cautious if they plan to rely only on built-in storage.