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Kim Dotcom reveals plans to build $330 million internet cable between US and New Zealand

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kim dotcom
kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom has revealed plans to revive the Pacific Fibre cable project that would connect New Zealand to the United States and lead to cheaper and faster internet for residents, The New Zealand Herald reports. The cable will cost about $330 million to build, which Dotcom says will be funded by his recently announced company Mega and other investors. While the venture would not yield free internet for residents, as has been commonly reported, Dotcom says the network would offer significantly higher speeds for a lower cost. Access to the fiber cable would be free for ISPs, while government agencies and businesses would be charged a premium.

Dotcom has recently taken to philanthropic gestures in the country after a New Zealand court ruled that a US search warrant was invalid, and in preparation for his extradition hearing that's scheduled for March of next year. Despite Dotcom's efforts to revitalize the project, funding challenges, regulatory snags, and technical obstacles could still prove to be an issue.