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Sony entering the crowded iOS ebook market with its new Reader app

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Sony Reader iOS app
Sony Reader iOS app

If you're an iOS user, there are a wide variety of choices for reading ebooks — there's the first-party iBooks solution, as well as strong options from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google. If, for some reason, those apps don't meet your needs, Sony has just announced the availability of its Reader iOS app. Much like the aforementioned apps, Sony Reader lets you log in with your Sony credentials and download all of your purchased books to your iOS device. While the app itself doesn't appear to do much to distinguish itself from the other ebook readers available for iOS, it's an important part of Sony's overall entertainment strategy — it wants to get its services on as many devices as possible. Reader is already available for Android, as is Sony's Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited apps (the latter of which is also available on iOS). And while we'd be surprised if this app gained much traction on iOS, it'll be useful for those out there using one of Sony's E Ink readers who also want to read on their iPhone.