"All of the games I worked on before they were video games, but they were not Halo," says Gabriel "Robogabo" Garza, who served as a concept artist on the just-released Halo 4. Like the rest of the team at Microsoft's 343 Industries, Garza was under quite a bit of pressure, working on the first game in the series not developed by Halo creators Bungie. But Garza's pressures were somewhat different compared to the rest of his co-workers. Not only was he responsible for creating the look for the game's new enemies, the Prometheans, but Garza was also tasked with redesigning the face of the series: Master Chief.

Halo 4 is the first original game to come out of 343, but Garza has actually worked at the company for around four years now. He met Kenneth Scott, 343's senior art director, at a conference in Dallas, and eventually was invited to come join a secret project in Kirkland, Washington. Garza describes himself as a Halo fan — he'd played the games and followed the series' fiction closely — so the decision to join 343 was a pretty simple one. "It was a no-brainer for me," he says.