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Facebook app for iOS updated with photo filters, batch image uploads

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facebook filter stock 1020
facebook filter stock 1020

Shortly after Facebook’s acquisition of photo-sharing service Instagram it released Facebook Camera — a standalone iPhone app that replicated Instagram’s trademark photo filters. Now, as reported by TechCrunch, the camera function in Facebook’s main iOS app is adding the filters as well. Just like the standalone app, selecting photos using the green checkbox then tapping to enlarge them lets you select from 13 filters, including Emerald, Golden, and Boost, and you can also crop and rotate your pictures before uploading them to Facebook. Version 5.1 adds multi-photo uploads as well, which makes for a nicely streamlined interface — select your photos, do your adjustments and tag your friends, then upload them with a single caption. Facebook chats are now easier to access, too, using a leftward swipe on the Facebook home screen.

Last week, The New York Times reported that Twitter was working on its own set of Instagram-like photo filters. Since so many Twitter users share photos with Facebook-owned Instagram, Twitter wanting to control its own alternative certainly makes a lot of sense.