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Microsoft 'Cloud TV' platform revealed in job postings

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Xbox TV
Xbox TV

Microsoft is known for revealing additional product details in job postings, but a new round of listings has unveiled a brand new TV service. Described as a "Cloud-based TV platform," Microsoft is looking to hire engineers to build client applications for the service. LiveSide spotted several job postings related to Cloud TV recently that tempt job candidates to "get in on the ground floor of an ambitious new project."

Some of the preferred qualifications include experience with mobile and browser application development, with iOS, Android, and Windows 8 / RT listed. The job listings are all part of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) division, the same team responsible for Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Zune, and Mediaroom. Microsoft appears to be hiring engineers for a team at the company's Mountain View offices. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment on its Cloud TV plans and we'll update you accordingly.